28 February, 2020

A Beginners Guide to Museum Adventures in London by Dalia Kirshenblat

I’ve only been in London for a month, but I’ve already seen so much cool stuff! I thought I’d share some of the coolness let you guys know my favorite museums so far to visit in London. 

The National Gallery is amazing! The architecture is so incredible and you can see paintings that are over 500 years old. Helpful tip: There’s actually two museums next to each other, The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. I got that confused at first! Also, I got to see Van Gough paintings for the first time! It was a really awe-inspiring moment.

The Tate Modern is also really amazing, and has tons of new exhibits to check out all the time. If you’re into modern art, or if you just want to try something new, I’d definitely suggest visiting this museum. Also, the surrounding area is beautiful: the church of St.Paul is close by and you get to walk over this gorgeous bridge to get there!

I love science museums, so the Natural History Museum was a must-see for me. And it did not disappoint! The building itself looks like a castle straight out of a fairytale, and it is absolutely enormous: I’ll definitely need to go back to this one several times. You could probably visit this museum every week for a whole semester and not get through everything it has to offer! I particularly loved the collection of whales, the human biology exhibit, and the volcanoes and earthquakes. I just walked around this museum for hours admiring all of the displays. Here are some sights you can expect to see!

My favorite museum so far is probably the Science Museum. This museum is my favorite because it has the best space exhibit! Astronomy is my favorite subject so this exhibit was just so incredible for me to be able to see. I loved how it focused on human missions to space compared to the processes of celestial objects like the life cycles of stars and anatomy of galaxies like other museums such as the American Museum of Natural History. They had a really cool “floating” orb in the middle of the exhibit with a projector inside of it so it looked like it was magically shifting between all the planets in the solar system. There’s even a real moon rock to check out! You can also learn about the other planetary objects in the solar system that are really trending in astronomy right now like Saturn’s moon Titan. There’s tons of other really cool stuff to check out in this museum as well like different types of automobiles and clocks and the mechanics behind them.

London is such an amazing city for museum visits, and I hope you all take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to see some truly remarkable collections, and learn new things! Have fun exploring!

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