28 February, 2012

Cross Cultural Education: Travel

Many of you are traveling for break this week!  The London Center has come up with some phrases that may help you in the countries you're visiting:

I'm staying in a hostel, but my friend booked it and can't remember what it's called.  Is there an internet cafe nearby?
Italian: Io rimango in un ostello, ma il mio amico prenotato e non ricordo come si chiama. C'è un internet cafè nelle vicinanze?

Oh no!  I think I left my passport on the train!  Where's the nearest US embassy?
Greek:  Ω, όχι! Νομίζω ότι άφησε το διαβατήριό μου στο τρένο! Πού είναι η κοντινότερη πρεσβεία των ΗΠΑ;

 I'd like to buy this bag, but 1,000 Moroccan dirham is too expensive!
Arabic:                          وأود أن شراء هذه الحقيبة، ولكن 1000 الدرهم المغربي مكلفة للغاية!

What's the local delicacy at this restaurant?  I've heard the squid is very good!
Spanish:  ¿Cuál es el plato típico de este restauranteHe oído que el calamar es muy bueno!
(all translations are from Google Translate, so I'm not sure if they're any good)

We also have some culinary tips:
  • Spain: try the paella, the chorizo and manchego
  • Holland: hema rookworst, bitterballen, and patat met
  • Italy: pasta (though it may indicate that you're a tourist), gelato, and thin crust pizza
  • Greece: baklava, as many olives as you can carry and moussaka
  • Ireland: mashed potatoes, roast potatoes and Taytos
  • Germany: wurst, schwarzewald gateau and Berliners
  • Switzerland: fondue, roesti and bretzeln

And some common sense:
  • If you're in Venice and the directions to your hostel involve getting on the bus, your hostel isn't in Venice.
  • Even if you sound silly trying the local language, they'll respect that at least you're trying.
  • If it's your hen do, have it in Orkney at your own risk.
  • Losing your passport may extend your break, but not in the good way.  It will also extend your wallet in ways you hadn't thought it able.
  • The weather in London will probably be better than it has been previously this semester.
  • For the post card and souvenir competitions: more pornographic/erotic doesn't always equal more tacky.
  • Those crazy Europeans drive on the other side of the road.  Who does that?!?!

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