23 December, 2011

Celebrating 100 rather than 40 for a change

I've just spotted that this is our 100th post.  I'd like to say that my delay in putting this up has been because I wanted to attach importance to our 100th, but that's not true.  As so often happens, I have been a bit stumped for ideas.  And then our first student of the spring semester arrived (yes, already!), and I had an idea!

I'm going to make comparisons:
  • Last year at this time we still had Fall 2010 students stranded at the ICLC due to adverse weather conditions at Heathrow.  The Fall '11 students mostly left 2 weeks ago.
  • 53 students just returned to America.  125 will shortly be arriving.
  • Last year's Doctor Who Christmas Special had Catherine Jenkins.  This year it has Bill Bailey.
  • Last spring we had one visiting faculty member from the home campus teaching at the ICLC.  This spring we have 3.
I'm going to state some little known facts:
  • Keith Moon is posthumously developing an interesting relationship with the ICLC.
  • Kenneth Branagh is the ICLC's bizarre watchman.
  • We aren't sure, but there's compelling evidence that Bill may live in the ICLC.
  • Jack Hrkach believes in Elsie.  So do the rest of the staff.
I'm going to dispense some advice:
  • If you can't carry it, you've packed too much luggage.
  • Toiletries are heavy.  Buy them when you get here.  Similarly, so are peanut butter and mac and cheese.  Eat like a native for a few months!
  • Make sure your money is in your checking, NOT your savings.  If you are drawing from an ATM you will not get a choice to take from your savings.
  • Keep up to date on what's happening here.  bbc.co.uk
Spring 2012, we'll see you soon!  Fall 2011, I hope you're missing us already!  Spring 2011, the sandwich press is safe!  Fall 2010, what were you doing at this time last year?


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