26 March, 2014

The Workstudy guide to: Venice

Studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to travel, however, deciding where to go and what to do is tough! This is the first post of a very special 2014 series: The Workstudy guide to (some of) Europe's nooks and crannies! Its aim is to give you an idea of some of the amazing places you can visit and how to make the most of your trips. First up, Venice-thanks for the tips Erica Moriarty!

10 Great Things to Do in Venice by Erica Moriarty

1.       Stroll around in Napoleon’s footsteps
Visit the piazza San Marco and experience what Napoleon referred to as “the drawing room of Europe”. In one square, you can see St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Torre dell’Orologo, which dates back to 1496!

2.       Take a romantic journey on a Gondola
Even if you left your lover at home, a gondola is still a great experience with a group of friends or even by yourself! Pre-book on www.gondolavenezia.com or simply just walk around Venice and you’ll spot an open one quickly.

3.       Grab a Rolling Venice Pass and save some money
When you get to Venice, purchase a Rolling Venice Pass for only 24 euro if you’re a student. The pass gets you three days of travel on any public or water bus – a steal considering each trip is usually 7 euro.

4.       Start your morning off with a cappuccino
Much smaller than the typical Starbucks, but so much better! Treat yourself to at least one cappuccino sitting by the Grand Canale while you’re in Venice.

5.       Experience the Venetian Masters
Head to the Gallerie dell’Accademia to experience Venice’s greatest artists.

6.       Check out the contemporary art scene
Take the water bus out to see the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, one of the best contemporary art collections in the world! And with a view of the water from inside!

7.       Get a bird’s eye view
Visit the Campanile to see the entire city from its tallest building.

8.       Eat some seafood
With its great location, Venice offers the most delicious (and unusual) seafood. Take a chance and try whatever the restaurant’s fish of the day happens to be. 

9.       Enjoy some dessert
Gelato, gelato, gelato! If you can, get this every day. For only 1.50, you get a wimping scoop of the most delicious gelato.

Explore Venetian night life
Head to Santa Margherita for the best bars in Venice and even catch some locals dancing and singing in the centre. Piccolo Mondo is the only one open super late, so get in some dancing while you can with the locals!

And on that note, bear in mind one of Italy’s mottos while you’re in Venice – “Chi beve bene dorme bene, chi dorme bene sogna bene.” This translates to “He who drinks well, sleeps well; he who sleeps well, dreams well.” So grab a glass of vino and enjoy the Venezian dream!

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  1. Great tips in order to enjoy Venice. Congrats for this experience!