15 December, 2011

In with the New, in with the Old

Claire Mokrauer-Madden: Hello Bill!  It's nice to see you again and catch up.
Bill Sheasgreen: Yes, it's nice to see you again, too.  I always look forward to being interviewed by you. 
CMM: These are pretty effortless for you, aren't they?  I wanted to ask you a few questions about the end of the fall semester.  To begin generally, how do you think it went?
BS: Our cricket results aside, I think the semester went really well.  One particular highlight was last Tuesday.
CMM: Why was last Tuesday special?
BS: We took our photo of group 79 to immortalize them in the vast halls of the ICLC.
CMM: Do you mean in the stairway?
BS: Yes, that's the one!
CMM: I'm glad to hear that the group photo went well.  Was there something about this photo that made it special?
BS: Yes, quite independently of my efforts to establish an ICLC uniform, one has begun developing!  Though I prefer plaid to sequins, in light of waning support of my uniforms, I'll take what I can get.
CMM: Wow! I'm impressed that this may be coming together for you!  Can you tell me more about the new uniform idea?
BS: It's a celebration of color bringing together traditional Britain with the Spice Girls.
CMM: I'm not sure I follow you.  Are you saying that group 79 had a particular affinity for the Spice Girls?
BS: As I mentioned, this design developed independently from my plaid campaign.  But that's an avenue of research I would like to explore.  If this is what youth culture these days prefers as a uniform, then as a man of the people I can bend to the requests of the masses.
The overall trend seems to be winter coats, but there is a small contingency sporting the sequined uniform option.
CMM: By my math 3 of 52 is not quite 6%.  Is anything more that 5% the masses?
BS: Well, the plaid campaign is at 0%.
CMM: Getting back to the design itself, what can you tell me about the burgeoning motif?
BS: The union flag represents the students really embracing their time in London.  And the overall form looks back to Geri Halliwell, or Ginger Spice.  Usually I just call her Ger.
CMM: Letting your relationship with a Spice Girl lie for the time being, I see that you only have female representation of the uniform.  Will male students be wearing something similar?
BS: Similar themes, represented differently.  Notice that Ian models the uniform over his casual attire.  Having experimented with the short cut of the smock, this seems best.  The length is the modern reflection of Ger's dress and the hat and belt give it a medieval feel that may have been seen in the Hundred Years War.
Ian wears a sample, so unfortunately Sam, Clay, Will and Emilio could only model hoodies.
CMM: Bill, I'd like to thank you for this quick analysis of the successes of this semester.  Perhaps next time we can delve deeper into your friendship with Geri Halliwell.
BS: Delve all you want, she's in my bad books right next to McCartney.

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