12 July, 2010

Meet the Three Dogs (and Elsie)

We are so excited about the upcoming semester at the Ithaca College London Centre that we are starting a blog! The aim of this blog is to talk about life in London, to give you an idea of what lies ahead while studying with us in London and we might even mention a little bit about ourselves. A lot of students study abroad hoping to immerse themselves in another culture. You will be pleased to know, despite the fact that an American, a Canadian and a token Welsh person are running this programme, we have jointly spent a total of 55 years in London. As foreigners ourselves (Welsh are not English) we are experts at getting to know the locals and have even picked up some local slang:

"Claire climbed the Apples today and recovered with a Rosy"
"Claire weren't 'alf knackered after climbing them stairs. She was gasping for a cuppa."

One of your first projects when you arrive will be the flat hunt.  Hopefully you have all started thinking about whom you would like to live with, what your budget is and possibly even started looking at different areas of London.  The Queen may have rooms to rent in Buckingham Palace, and with she and the family being out of town on the weekends, it should be an excellent house for hosting parties.  I needn't even mention the other parties that Princes William and Harry will be likely to invite you to.  But in case she falls through, you may want to start working on plan B.  On a serious note though, to get you thinking about where you are going to live in London our next blog will be about where we all live.You will get to hear about a great place in North London called Stoke Newington, a trendy place in South London called Camberwell and a more suburban place in South West London called Worcester Park. If you are lucky there might even be some photos!  We will also give you some information about areas of London that previous students have lived in recent semesters.  Zone 1, central London, probably has the most transport links and ease of access, but it is also the one of the most expensive places to live.  We three live in zones 2 and 4, with average commute times around 45 minutes.  Be open minded and have a look around at your options when you get here!

-The Three Dogs (and Elsie)

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