18 March, 2011

S11 Scavenger Hunt #4: Swans and Honours

The scavenger hunt needs more attention!  It's been a while since I have posted anything new for the scavenger hunt, so this week I will post something old.  The inspiration for this one is the Stratford trip that most of the ICLC students have left for today.  Stratford wouldn't be what it is today if William Shakespeare hadn't been born there.  Dr. Tim Kidd would have so much less to talk about on his walking tour of Stratford without Shakespeare.  Lucky for Stratford, that is where the playwright came from.  As a result the Royal Shakespeare Theatre was created here and is placed picturesquely on the side of the River Avon.  The River Avon is home to many swans who swim there and walk along the banks of the river.  As a result of the profusion of swans they have become symbols in the town.  The smaller of the Royal Shakespeare Company's theatres is called The Swan and the pub down the road is called the Black Swan.  This pub is a favorite after-theatre hang out.  But the Black Swan is not what it's called colloquially... We saw this one in last fall's scavenger hunt, but it's a favorite of mine.  Your task is to find the most interesting pub name that you can.  If Bill could enter the competition he would submit the Queen and Beaver Public House that he saw in Montreal, Canada.  But that's not in the UK, so it's ineligible.  Plus Bill is a judge of the competition, so he can't enter anyway.

Your second task, in honor of the Honors Program coming over to London with Jack Hrkach, is to find someone who has had an honour bestowed on them.  This can be Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney or Dame Judi Dench, or it can be an image of King Edward III, founder to the Most Notable Order of the Garter in 1348 or 1344 (Order of the Garter).  Be creative like Mr. and Mrs. Cross who named their daughter Victoria.  That's a true story.

-Elsie (she didn't go on the Stratford trip)

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