30 June, 2011

Elsie Will Not Be Our Kitten's Name

Yesterday Sarah revisited an idea that is on the permanent back burner.  The ICLC needs a kitten.

There would be a few rules.  It needs to be a perpetual kitten.  It needs to stay young, adventurous and carefree to keep the atmosphere perpetually lighthearted.  It needs to be hypoallergenic in case anyone has allergies.  It would be great if we could adopt it from a shelter.  It feels nice to take in a rescued kitten.  It needs to be ok with being named after a football player, because my guess is that Bill would be given the honor of naming it.  It would have to like Queen, Billy Joel and Hit Radio Ö3 (die beste Musik von die 80's, die 90's und Heute!), because I would like it to come out from under Sarah's desk and into my office sometimes.

It will be a very well behaved kitten so that we can bring it on the trips.  It can come on the Stratford trip and listen intently to Dr. Kidd's lecture on Shakespeare's life there.  It can come to Bath, but not go into The Baths, because kittens don't like those.  Perhaps it can even go to Paris with Jack Hrkach, if it can keep up with him.

I can see this kitten assuming a real position of power at the ICLC.  If flights get cancelled, flatmates disagree or finals week takes its toll, the kitten can come to the rescue with a few purrs and curious paws at exhausted students.  With its supreme calming powers the kitten may start considering world domination.  Indeed, the power to subdue the masses is what many a dictator has sought.  And being a kitten, it wouldn't be warlike, so it would be a peaceful domination of the world.
The closest we may ever come to our kitten.

Anyway, we can live in hope, as far fetched as it may be.


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