24 June, 2011

My New Favorite Tube Map

My right to live and work in the UK is based on my German citizenship.  I'm also American, but for me to live and work here based on that passport I would require a work visa and some strong legs for jumping through hoops (verify this with Jack Hrkach).  But as a German I am part of the EU, and I just need to flash my passport to get a job.  I should edit that- obviously I need to be qualified for the position as well, but my passport helps me clear one hurdle.

As you may have discovered, we are an international community within the Ithaca College London Center.  All four of us have lived in multiple countries in our lifetimes, and even back in Ithaca, Rachel Cullenen in International Programs is fluent in Italian.  For the World Cup Final last summer Bill bought Sarah (originally from Wales, grew up in Holland and later moved back to England) a Dutch football and wristbands.  And when The Times printed a map of what the London Underground would have looked like if Germany had won the war, he brought it directly to me.  Oder sollte ich sagen London Untergrundbahn (pronounced Lone-don).

Last week Bill sent out a quiz on London transport in his email (he should be announcing the quiz winner in this week's email).  The winner was pretty quick in sending back a complete set of correct answers, so I suggest that the version of this week's quiz that that student receives should be in German.  Just to level the playing field.  We've also got Spanish, Dutch and French (Canadian-style) in our repertoire here and can send back to Ithaca for an Italian translation if necessary.  Don't be discouraged, we had many sets of correct answers, it's just a question of getting in there first.

Anyway, if you, too find that navigating the TfL map is easy-peasey-lemon-squeezey, next time do it in German.  It's a good laugh.  Plan a journey von Ritterbrücke zu Kantenwarenstraße.


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  1. I'm ready for the RUSSKII QVIZKY!
    My favorite tube map is the one Bill brought me back from Stratford this March -- Shakespeare tube stops!
    Here's a quiz question -- Which Shakespeare King might Gloucester Rd bring to mind?