14 September, 2011

The Last Time I Danced

Back in November 2009 when I was in a band called Waiting for Jasmine, I had some great disco moves!  We were mostly a Bee Gees cover band, but we also dabbled in Coldplay covers.  Actually, Sarah, a brave student named Stacy and I went to the British Music Experience at the O2 where you can record yourself singing, dancing and playing music.  I think this was the last time I danced.  I've been to weddings and I've been to ceilidhs, but I'm saving my moves.  Watching the video below you can probably see why I don't dance much.
Today I went back to the BME.  I played the instruments again, but went onto vocal rest singing-wise and was sadly under strict doctor's orders not to dance because of my "broken leg" (think anyone bought that?).  The students in the British Pop class (Claire taught British Pop?, I hear you ask.  I didn't mention Freddie Mercury or Queen once, so no.  I did, however, see a photo of him and his fabulous mustache at the original 1985 Live Aid concert.) made much more use of the facilities.  I put in a special request for the chicken dance, but was shot down in favor of a bit of rock and roll. 

Since Bill asked for John Lennon's autograph, I brought back gifts for all the ICLC staff.
John for Bill
Jon for Heather
Justin for Sarah?
Our students like a man with muscles, but who is this guy?  (sorry Zoee!)


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