12 September, 2011

The Police Arrive at the ICLC- Yes, the Fashion Police!

In researching what to write for this blog I often check out other people's blogs.  My first port of call is the blogs that our students write, in the hope of finding out what kind of things our students are interested in and what they might like to read about here.  My second stop is well-known blogs that started out as small personal projects.  The appeal of reading those is that they draw the interest of strangers, that the audience can often be worldwide, and therefore the writing must be of unique or powerful interest.  That's something for Elsie to aspire to.

Fashion blogging is something that work placement students sometimes express an interest in, so I've looked at some of those.  Clearly I haven't paid terribly close attention, because today the conversation turned to a subject I hadn't heard much about since I was in 5th grade and a girl in my class told me that the student council has designated it to be the school-wide "Clash Day", where everyone was supposed to come to school wearing clothes that clashed, in my honor.  I think she meant it as a mild attempt at bullying, but to this day wearing a red t-shirt, purple hoodie and green jeans with multi-colored dinosaur Converse just doesn't cry out disaster to me.  So when I was told that my colleagues weren't sure if the bigger problem with my outfit today was my combination of stripes with florals or of pink with orange, I was no less worried.  In fact, another colleague who had my back said that she didn't see a problem with what I was wearing and hadn't the previous time I had turned up wearing a combination similar to the current one.

And that's when the big discovery was made.  London Fashion Week is upon us!  It turns out that I have my ear to the ground much more than I thought I had and turned up in keeping with fashion week in an adventurous outfit!  Whoop!  In previous semesters students have been able to get tickets to the shows and many have stayed up to date on what was shown.  Here's a small cross section of the fashions on show this week at the ICLC.

This model is dressed in How-Many-Wrongs-Make-A-Right, this label being a personal favorite of the author's.  They specialize in pastels and bright colors in combination.

Our second model sports a classic turtle neck.  Sometimes worn pulled up over the lower half of his face, this timeless look can be transformed into the avant garde.

High lacing boots never go amiss, particularly in the autumn. Our model offsets the horizontally laced boots with a horizontally striped top.

Bringing east London chic to west central London, our fourth model experiments with a cross-geographical outfit.

The Drama Department, an up and coming fashion label this year, has gone for the laid back, afternoon tea look as a theme this season.

Completing the cross-section, is a combination of the t-shirt and jeans look from the east-London-chic model and the high lacing boots, showing that composite looks are still in!

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