16 November, 2017

Community By 'A'

What is a community? How does such a simple word mean even the most extravagant of things? We tend to delve into the idea that community is quite simply a residential area filled with people such as: normal neighbors, that one crazy elder, a few obnoxiously adorable children, a dog here and there- but a community is more than just its stereotypical labels. A community is togetherness. Family. It is a diverse collection created with the intent to become one. Outside of the ICLC there is a whole community just waiting for new members to add their own personalities and experiences. Unfortunately, many of us have not taken up on this opportunity. We are so focused on travelling and seeing all there is to see- we have yet to stop and take a breath of fresh air. It’s rewarding to stay local for a bit and get involved in activities- be immersed in other cultures. The best way to do so is right around the corner at Imperial College!

Imperial is a large Uni filled with so many diverse students. Guess what? We, as Ithaca folk, can get a membership there! This allows for us to dive in and be a part of our choice of clubs, sports, activities, societies; you name it, they have it. There are well over three hundred different possibilities. Since a large portion of the school is international, we can meet people from all over the world. It’s absolutely amazing!

Now, I understand being committed is not the most appealing thing to most of us, but hey, it’s a very small membership fee and the rest is fairly easy. Just reach out to whichever groups are interesting and they are generally very welcoming. The University is so large that it’s okay to only go to a couple gatherings. There’s ethnic groups, sporting events from football and dodgeball to caving and skydiving, musical theatre and film and a cappella and drama societies, clubs specifically for the consumption of good food, and the Uni even has their own bar and nightclub that is student run! Check it out!

I have immersed myself in about eight different societies and clubs- including sports- and it is probably one of the best decisions I have made here. My friends come from France, Italy, Spain, China, Singapore, Japan, United States, Germany, and so many more places. Even with all the activities, I still have time on weekends to travel and homework/classes/internship don’t overlap. It’s so much fun to say I am a part of a London community.

The perks? Well…

FOOD. People like to have gatherings and clubs get funding for socials and food events

and some pretty rockin’ nights out. (Oh, yeah, a lot is free.)

            DRINKS. I mentioned there’s a nightclub and bar? Drinks are cheap! And who doesn’t

like a good pub crawl? Super fun!

MUSIC. It’s all student run, guys. We can totally get involved in jam sessions, DJing, a

cappella- anything, really.



Go out in the community. Be a part of something! Find new cultures; immerse in a funtastic world of togetherness and memorable moments!

Time flies. Welcome to November, we’re over halfway there. The past is what you want to remember. The future is what you create. But the present, the gift, the right now in life, it’s what you want to live.

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