31 January, 2011

S11 Scavenger Hunt #2: John's London

This week's installment of the scavenger hunt is from John Birk, a guest blogger.  John is a lover of London and and has spent much time here.  As an explorer of London, his favorite thing ever to do in all of London is to go mudlarking on the banks of the Thames.  Have a look at his link to find out what mudlarking entails- http://www.thamesandfield.co.uk/.  You may also recognize him from the IC library as the man who wears the bow tie.  This week you have another specific place to find.  Good luck!

‘Tis a monument you seek, to be sure, 
At least one tube trip but not fewer.
On its base "twas blamed on popery,"
SPOILER ALERT “twas by protestant dopery”.
Your quest may start with the underground
Head to the east from South Ken be bound
Look for Doric, not Ionic, or Corinthian
Up or down may ren-der you a tizzy- in
Walk thee round and round and round again if this is the monument you seek.
Mind be hale and hearty else your round and round may leave you pained and weak.
'Tis a flame you seek,
'Bove your pate not your feet.
Photo should show you “apostle-like”.
My favorite London view is worth this hike.

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