20 February, 2013

"Abbey Road: British Youth Culture Trip" by Sarah Grant

Another entry from another Student blogger. This one is from Sarah Grant who talks about a trip to Abbey Road as part of the British Youth Culture course...

The Beatles sing some of my favorite songs in the entire world. Hey Jude, Here Comes the Sun, Let It Be, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Yesterday, Come Together, seriously the list goes on and on. 
And today, I got to see Abbey Road Studios (as a field trip for my British Youth Culture class), where the Beatles recorded the majority of their music. It is still functioning as a recording studio, which I think is awesome. I can’t imagine getting to record in the same space as the Beatles did. 
One of the coolest things about our visit was seeing all the signatures on the walls. People from all over the world left names, notes, and lyrics on the bricks and wall out front. There were so many on the white wall you could barely read them. Our professor explained how the wall is painted over every few years to make room for more signatures… proving just how many people come to visit this site. 
Check out my Abbey Road album recreation above… I almost got ran over like four times, but it was so worth it!

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