20 February, 2013

"Hayward Gallery" by Meg Ciminera

Meg sheds some light (pun intended) on our visiting sabbatical's course: London's Light...

I am in an honors course called London’s Light: A History and Exploration of London’s Changing Light. We have had the opportunity to explore a few museums with a perspective on light which is something that our society is lucky enough to encounter in a wide variety everyday. Everything from sunlight, moonlight, fluorescent light, LED lights, strobe lights, and much more. One of our recent field trips was to the Light show at Hayward Gallery. It was a remarkable experience. It is on display from January 30th to April 28th. It cost approximately 11 pounds to attend and takes around an hour if you are taking your time and reading each synopsis and truly immersing yourself in the art. The gallery makes life easy by having a cloak check and graciously taking bags as well.

Once the adventure begins you are immersed immediately in two large pieces of art and you get a sense of what you are about to observe. I would take you through the entire exhibit but photography isn’t allowed. So make the most of the money spent and indulge. There are a lot of children so it makes it a little distracting or adorable depending on your view on little ones. But word the wise some of the pieces are a little disorienting and I did get dizzy a few times. Overall it was a sensation and very aesthetically pleasing. Highly recommend this futuristic light show and art with a new twist.

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