28 February, 2013

"The Life of an ICLC Work Study-er" by Amanda Frey & Janey Sherlock

So this is what happens when Jess goes home for the evening...

Hello! We are here to give you the inside scoop of what a work study student at the ICLC actually does when reporting for duty.  Many people have asked us why we would spend our free time abroad working at the ICLC. For starters, every shift worked at the ICLC is the opportunity for another trip to Topshop.  Besides that obvious reason, it really is a pretty great job.

During a typical work study shift, there are two possible things one might be doing.  One person sits in the front office while the other goes down to the library.  Office duty has a lot of important tasks.  For starters, we’re the ones that unlock the door and buzz you in, so you probably want to stay on our good side.  Other than that, the office person is responsible for answering the phones, making copies, signing for packages, and mostly keeping Jess company. On a day when the ICLC wasn’t particularly active, I had the task of completing this work of art. [see rubber band ball above]

The library is the more antisocial of the positions, but still very great.  Do you need to check out a book? That’s our job.  We also get the very special honor of holding the sacred key to the reserves cabinet!

Sometimes Jess gives us special tasks too (like writing this blog post).  You might have seen our other special task a few weeks ago.  No, cupid didn’t make this masterpiece, we did.

For those of you out there debating whether or not you should be a member of the work study team, we say GO FOR IT! Positives: you get to know the ICLC staff better than the other students, you get to use a computer when the internet might be down, evening shifts are slow so you have some time to catch up with the rest of the world, and day shifts are great cause you get to see the friends you might not have class with! Negatives: having a little extra cash in your pocket that you know will be gone in less than a week.  And a little advice: weekend shifts are better than they seem, and make sure that Jess is working during your shift because shifts without her are just sad.[I didn't even pay them to say that]

Well, it’s time to lock up the ICLC (yea, it’s a big deal…). We normally leave about 5-10 minutes to do this, but since this is our 6th week or so, we are getting better each time.  The only struggle we still seem to run into is the lack of breath we have when reaching the top of the stairs.  Hope you have enjoyed this blog post as much as we enjoyed writing it… and documenting it (if Jess uploads our videos…). [coming soon...]

Glad to see some "real work" being done girls!

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