01 October, 2014

Guest Post: Bronwyn Bishop

Stuff to do in London: Bronwyn’s Recommendations!

            Can you believe it’s already October? We’ve all been here in London for almost two months now, and most of us have done the classic tourist activities already (Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, etc.). Tourist stuff is fun, but it’s also awesome to get involved with local culture and find events, places, and activities that are a little off the beaten path. So if you don’t have plans for the weekend and need some recommendations, read on!

·         Markets: Markets are not only great places to buy fresh and delicious food, they’re also fun to walk around in. They’re teeming with activity everywhere you look! My favourite market is Brixton Market, where gospel and reggae music play, people with all kinds of accents shout at you to buy their wares, and you can find such interesting items as a whole octopus for a pound. (Because we all need a little octopus in our lives, right?)

·         Local music: Concerts are so expensive! Unless, that is, you know where to look. Love punk and hardcore? (Me too!) Punx.co.uk (http://www.punx.co.uk/areas-item/london-punk-gigs) is your guide. Or if classical is more your style, download an app called Student Pulse (http://www.studentpulselondon.co.uk/) for information on concerts and how to get cheap tickets!

·         Athletics: Itching to get back into your workout routine? There are plenty of opportunities to keep fit and meet people from around the world at the same time! Runners should check out the London City Runners Club (http://www.londoncityrunners.com/). After their runs they often meet up for a pint or a curry! You can also sign up for a free outdoor class with British Military Fitness (https://www.britmilfit.com/).

·         Fashion: Fashion week is over, but you can still check out some amazing styles at all of London’s shops and fairs. I recently went to the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair, where I saw amazing coats, dresses, hats, gloves, jewellery, furs, and more from the Victorian era through the 1980s! And yes, there were men’s fashions, too. The next Clerkenwell Fair will be October 19th.

Got any recommendations of your own? Share in the comments or in our Facebook group!

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