29 January, 2016

A Day Trip To Dover - by Suzanne Fitzgerald

A Day Trip To Dover

If you’re looking for a day trip outside London, I highly recommend the White Cliffs of Dover. They’re only about 2 hours away by bus or train, and if you leave early in the morning you have the whole day to explore. I originally arrived in Ramsgate, which is about half an hour North of Dover. Ramsgate is an adorable little sleepy seaside town that is great to wander around. The journey to Dover is so beautiful and you pass through many little towns that might be worth stopping to explore.

Once you get to Dover, it’s a little hard to figure out how to actually get to cliffs because there are not that many signs to direct you where to go. The roads are very old and bumpy so if you are traveling by car make sure your car is in good shape! I had to walk a little ways along the top of one cliff to make my way down to the beach. Once down on the very pebbly beach, the cliffs are so incredibly gorgeous. They are shockingly white (I don’t know what I was expecting). I never knew rocks could be that pristine! The town of Dover itself is quaint and very nice.

Overall, a day trip to the White Cliffs of Dover is definitely worth it! 

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