21 March, 2016

Traveling To Expand - by Dillon Watson

Traveling To Expand

            So many times I get caught up in the rush of travelling that I forget to stop and look deeper than my immediate surroundings. In this day and age, travelling can easily become an impartial experience. People are constantly racing around the world just to see as many attractions as possible in the shortest amount of time. There are many benefits and bragging rights to be earned by doing this, but what does it actually accomplish on a deeper level? People are having more and more trouble living in the moment because of the overuse and competition associated with social media. It’s everywhere. From concerts to political rallies to art museums and to national parks, people are getting taken away from the free flowing natural world and are being brought to their safe, planned out, two dimensional platforms.

            As travelers of the world we have to realize how this holds us back. The possibilities if one is able to break free from the restrictions of craving likes on an Instagram picture are endless. When all someone wants to do is get that one cliché picture in every city they visit, they are not actually going to see the real city. You have to dig deeper, meet people, and experience the culture instead of observing it from afar.

            The main way you can help yourself dig deeper while traveling is by planning less. Planning is a magnificent thing that helps a vacation go smoothly, but I feel as though too much planning in my recent travels has held me back. Just last month I found myself in the streets of Barcelona running around from monument to monument in a feverish fashion trying to cram in as much as possible. It was cool to see so many amazing architectural buildings, but as I left I realized that in comparison to my other, more laid back visit to Athens, I accomplished less.

            By putting yourself on a strict schedule, the unexpected, spontaneous moments that make life so worth living do not occur. It is important while traveling that people open up their peripheral vision and let their surroundings flow into their lives. As I make my way around the world, I like to think of myself as a droplet of water, ready to make my splash, and instantly become one with the land. A droplet of water may be able to choose when or where it falls out of the sky, but it does not control what happens once it hits the ground. All it knows about its future is that it is going to create and expand life.

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