17 September, 2010

The things that happen when Bill leaves the London Centre

Bill Sheasgreen is a very hard working man, often the first one to work and one of the last to leave.  But not this week.  (Not that Bill isn’t working hard this week, but hopefully he is also having some down time to be a tourist.)
Alyssa trying to dodge the camera at this week's coffee talk
Bill has gone to Nantes in northeastern France for a conference this week and left Sarah as the beauty on duty, with me as her second in command.  He hasn’t been gone long, but we are pleased to report that it has been business as usual.  The coffee has been made in the morning and the newspapers have been bought.  The students are attending their classes and the internet has crashed (twice).  What makes this week different from most others?  With any luck, not much, except that I led one of Bill’s classes this week.
Work-study-Will, working
There is a feeling of great satisfaction that comes with knowing Bill is comfortable leaving the smooth sailing of the ICLC in our hands.  I would even dare to say that we have really “serioused” this place up in his absence.  While Bill has been gone there has not been student wide cooperation on a practical joke, which is good.  Mass organization of approximately 54 people is the type of thing that can lead to overthrow and revolution.  Bill may never leave the London Centre again if he will only use his time away in future to worry about what is being plotted in his absence.  No, this week flowed seamlessly into the next when Bill will be back, and everything will remain normal.  No one had any mug shots taken of them, either.
More work study work, Kathryn posting a notice
I’m not trying to say that Bill’s absence is going unnoticed, but he runs such a well oiled machine, that is the ICLC, no crucial responsibilities go completely unattended without one of the three of us here.  There may not be a walk with Bill scheduled this weekend, but that's because he's working on his tan so that he can come back for his next walk as a bronze god.

-Claire (and Elsie)

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  1. Ooooh! Something's afoot in Bill's absence... what could it be? the suspense is killing me -- I hope it continues!