11 August, 2011

Look out for Bill!

I have little say about what Bill wears.  Because it's not that kind of office.  While we try to implement democracy where applicable around the ICLC, that isn't one of those places.  So I can't say what he'll be wearing or what he'll look like when he meets the group flights at the airport.  If you are in the Edinburgh group Bill will be at the airport with Steve TenEyck, and if you are arriving with the group on the 23rd he will probably be there with Sarah.  Again, two more wardrobe variables that don't figure into the democracy.

Here are some likely possibilities of things to look for when you land (not so much part of the democracy, but regularly present at most airport pickups):
They'll probably be holding signs like this.  They're not huge signs, but the writing is in a bold font so that even bleary, sleep deprived eyes can spot them, hopefully.

If you miss the signs and end up going on a small wander around the arrivals hall, Bill will have his red messenger bag on him. 

And if all else fails, this is Bill's face.  He will definitely have that with him.

I think it goes without saying that Steve and Sarah will have their faces with them, too, but to tell you the truth, Bill was standing right in front of my office and was the most accessible to photograph.


PS- If you're not arriving with the groups and you're making your own way to the London Center, here's what to look for:
This is the London Center.  We're the end of the terrace and have the biggest chimney on the block!

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