30 August, 2011

A Lot of Social Media!

Today has been a big day in the life of good old Elsie.  She's getting ready to turn 40, but determined to keep up her image of youth.  So now she Tweets.  And she's even on Facebook. 

I See Elsie (this is Elsie's full name, but she prefers to go by her surname rather than her first name) is becoming more and more Google-able by the minute.  And to think, it all started with this blog.  She doesn't make that many physical appearances around the London Center, but she's made her presence known on our computers.

She wants to keep in touch with London Center students, past, present and future, and she wants to do it in as many ways as possible.  Hopefully no one but the ICLC staff goes into Elsie overload.  Because that shouldn't be a problem for us.  The only time Elsie really becomes an issue is when she starts tying up the phone lines, but that's been covered in an older post

Without waiting for all the lights on our phones to go red (again, refer to that older blog post), Elsie can now be found here: @ISeeElsie and here: ISee Elsie and of course here.
Elsie doesn't often show her face, but she also doesn't walk around with a blanket over her face very often.


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