23 August, 2011

The Semester So Far

Another interview with Bill Sheasgreen.  Shame he couldn't make it to this one either.

Claire Mokrauer-Madden: Hi Bill!  Nice to see you again.  How has the Fall 2011 semester been going so far?
Bill Sheasgreen: It's been going really well.  I've been sizing up this semester's students, and I think we have the makings of a pretty top notch cricket team on our hands.
CMM: A cricket team?  Does cricket go this late into the year?
BS: Not usually, but I've been secretly planning an ICLC cricket team for years, and I think this will be the first season we can get it together.
CMM: Most of your students come from the United States.  Do they know how to play cricket?
BS: If you tell them it's for class they'll learn it.
CMM: But the class you're teaching is called London as Text.  Does cricket really figure into the class?
BS: I'm teaching the class, so of course it does.  But if I've misread the energy level of my class, we may turn into a rugby team.  It's still a bit early to know.
CMM: Who will your team be competing against?
BS: As I mentioned in my previous interview, there's a school down the road.  I think we'll start off competing with the children there, or, if they're too busy, perhaps we'll try and take on other American study abroad programs.
CMM: That sounds exciting!  You can start a league and a tournament!
BS: Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it.  I've also been at work designing the uniforms.  I'm really excited about them, too.
CMM: You talked a bit about uniforms in our last interview that you weren't at.  What's the story there?
BS: Not much of a story, really.  We are going to be a cricket or rugby team.  We'll have to have uniforms.  League rules.
CMM: I didn't think there was a league yet.  I understood that you were still trying to develop it.
BS: That's right.  And as I develop the league, I'm also planning the uniforms.  I plan on being the league president.  So uniforms will be my jurisdiction.  Here's an example of one of our students in a prototype uniform.  Plaid will figure prominently.
CMM: Hmmm, I like the direction you are going with this.  You're steering away from the classic solid colors that you see most teams wearing.  I can see the Scottish inspiration here.
BS:  Thanks.  Ok, I should be getting back to orientation.  It was nice getting to catch up with you again.
CMM: Yes, nice to touch base. I look forward to seeing how your new league goes.  I wish your team a lot of success!
BS: Thanks!  I really think this is going to be a good season for us.  I mean semester.

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  1. Claire, Claire,
    where oh where
    would this blog be...
    without THEE?

    Jeremy Ehlinger for team captain!