16 August, 2011

Don't be Dull

I like the film Four Weddings and a Funeral.  It came out in 1994.  In the film, a wedding guest asks Kristin Scott Thomas if she's a lesbian.  When KST wanted to know what made her ask that, she said it was a bit more interesting that asking if she just hadn't found the right man yet.  KST's response is to say, "Quite right.  Why be dull?"

In my own attempt to avoid dullness, here are some tips for a good semester at the ICLC:
  1. If you're in Bill's class, pretend to like cricket.
  2. Bring your water wings if you want to stay on the island. (I'm referring to the island of Britain.  Which one did you think I was talking about?)
  3. Try the biscuits.  Embrace McVities.
  4. If you're friends with David Tennant, suggest he come around for a visit.
  5. Don't rely on the Circle line.  It'll love you and leave you.
  6. Umbrellas will all break in the wind at some point.
  7. Follow the exchange rate like it's your Facebook newsfeed.
  8. Peanut butter and jelly is cheap.  Parks are free.
  9. You can make your own mac and cheese.  It may be different when the cheese has never been powdered, but different can be good.
  10. You can get prawn cocktail flavored crisps here.  Every day is an adventure!
This is David Tennant.  Learn to love this face.
On a side note, I recommend watching Four Weddings and a Funeral.  We're all adults here, but be warned, some of the comedy is pretty vile!  While not the most current film, it's a good taste of the British sense of humor, which is one of many vertebrae in the UK's backbone, and shows some nice footage of London.

-Claire and Heather (Four Weddings is Claire's recommendation)

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