11 October, 2011

Different Atmosphere at Coffee Talk

As many people on this side and that side of the pond know, Bill is in Ithaca this week.  His reasons are two-fold.  1. He is leading orientation for next spring's students.  2. He is there for Fall Splash to start celebrating the ICLC's 40th anniversary ("Elsie, you're 40?  I never would have guessed! You don't look your age." "Thanks, my trick for looking young is staying out of the sun." "No, I meant you look like a century old building.  Sort yourself out.")

As tradition dictates, as well as going to meetings and working and that kind of thing, Bill's also going to a special Coffee Talk in Ithaca to visit with alums and eat imported Hobnobs.  We in London don't begrudge Bill "extramural" Coffee Talks, but I'm just saying, it's not going unnoticed.

Here's the reaction I got when I told the current ICLC students that Bill wouldn't be having Coffee Talk here this week:
Dismay? Shock? Horror? Fear?  All of the above.

Sara and Mandy were close to tears.  They held it together in the end, though.  ICLC students are made of tough stuff.

"What?  Bill's not at Coffee Talk? Then I won't go either."

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