13 October, 2011

Repeat After Me...

I do solemnly swear
That while Bill's over there

The interns will turn in that missing questionnaire
Jack will return a multimillionaire
The director's office will be cleaned with care
The Paris hostel will say "Laissez faire!"
The Irish Lit class won't read Jane Eyre (or Voltaire)
Cris will look at a map and say, "I've been there!"
Tori and Grace will know how to pay bus fare
The tech and design students will engineer a Kangaroo-Bear
City As Text won't just sit in front of Sakai and stare
No one will pull Sara G's hair
Someone will catch the Hammersmith mouse in a snare
Sarah will sneak off on a flight by Icelandair
And the rest of the ICLC won't be in Rio de Janeir.........


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