03 October, 2011

Who Knows What Today Is?

On March 1st Sarah and I make Welsh cakes (not a far cry from fried cookies) and scones.  On July 1st I gave Bill a cake with a moose and a maple leaf on it.  On July 4th Heather and I took the day off work. That's how the staff of the London Center celebrated our primary national holidays so far this year.  Secondary national holidays haven't fared quite so well.  April 23rd went by with little notice, as did April 30th.  I will not let October 3rd befall the same fate today.

I had a few ideas for celebrating German Reunification Day.  I thought about making an apple strudel and bringing it to work, but by 9pm last night I knew that wouldn't happen.  Then I thought I would take a more subtle approach, but Birkenstocks don't go with the rest of what I'm wearing today.  I've got people speaking German in the background of my office, but alas, that's because it's an Austrian radio station.

I did a bit of research yesterday.  I had sausage and chips for lunch, I heard some classic Bavarian music and of course saw some men wearing lederhosen.  Today I phoned a German friend of mine.  It was a last resort, but I figured he's from East Germany, he remembers the wall coming down, he remembers the old East German marks (that I think might have been made from tin, they were so debased and lightweight!) and his accent is exactly what you would expect from a native German.  And do you know what he said?  He said it's a bank holiday in Germany any you can do whatever you want. 

So here's how I'm celebrating German Reunification Day: I've spoken a little German and I've eaten a cupcake.  The banks may all be open in London today, but at least I remembered what day it is today. 

How are you celebrating?


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