11 November, 2011

Niche Market

Many people spend their lives thinking of the idea that's going to make them rich.  I've just had mine today.  And here I am giving it away for free.

Sometimes I receive emails that I'm not sure how to answer at first glance.  Even though it's a short walk away, my instinct is often to call Bill and see what he would say.  It doesn't matter that many times I disagree, what matters is that I know what Bill would say in my situation.  I don't know how important it is to say that these are work related emails that I'm referring to.  When my friend asks me if I want to go running this evening I don't bounce those off Bill.  Although after thinking through what I'm about to write, that may not be a bad idea in future.

My wealth generating business involves asking, what would Bill say?  I understand that this is not a completely unique idea to have others ask what another person would say, but I think this could be especially good if they are Bill's responses imagined by me.  That's the new ingredient to this tested recipe that I'm copyrighting today.  Here are some examples:

Q: Can I volunteer if I don't have a visa?
BS: My office needs cleaning.  You can volunteer to clean it.

Q: What should I do this Friday night?
BS: Go to a ceilidh (that's a Scottish dance to most of us) and dance with a man in a kilt.  I'll give you £5 if you do it.

Q: Where can get a cat?
BS: In my kitchen.  Or my garden.  Sometimes they can be skittish.

Q: How much is the football game on Saturday?
BS: £5 for the ticket.  Plus a booking fee of £10 to me, and £15 each to Sarah, Claire and Heather.

Q: Are Chelsea or Manchester United playing tonight?
BS: Does anyone care?
Q: Did you see Doctor Who last weekend?
BS: Doctor what?

Q: Is it too late to get onto the Paris trip?
BS: No.

If anyone has any questions that they would like me to guess how Bill would answer, send them my way!


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