15 November, 2011

The Spies Amongst Us

There is nothing covert about this spy operation.  Gone are the days of the cold war and McCarthyism.  We take our spy duties seriously and we hang our laundry out in the open.
Spy in the background, acting like she doesn't see her photo taken and her cover blown.

Thanksgiving is approaching, and even though it isn't really recognized in the UK, it's a break for IC students on the home campus, and often a time when significant others come to visit.  And that's when our spying goes into high gear.  When it comes down to it, we need to know, is he/she/it good enough for you?
An example of stealth photography.  No one knew they were being photographed!

Here are some sample conversations that your significant other might expect to have at the London Center:

Bill: When did you arrive in London?
Boyfriend: Last night.
BS: Where did you fly from?
BF: Montreal.
Verdict- good enough for you.

Sarah: How long are you visiting London?
Girlfriend: For 5 days.
SD: Have you ever been to London before?
GF: Yes!  I loved it!  That's why I want to come study here next year!
Verdict- good enough for you

Claire: What are you planning on doing while you're here?
Boyfriend: I really want to see Manchester United play.
Verdict- NOT good enough for you

Heather: Are you planning on seeing any theatre while you're in London?
    If... Girlfriend: Yes, I'm planning on waking up early tomorrow, taking advantage of my jet lag, and getting day tickets at the National Theatre.
Verdict- good enough for you
    If... GF: I think I only want to see The Mousetrap.  I'm not really that into theatre.
Verdict- NOT good enough for you
    If... GF: I will be doing my one one-woman performance of stage combat with samurai swords in the Common Room on Monday for your entertainment.
Verdict- TOTALLY good enough for you

In truth, we like a bit of gossip around 35 Harrington Gardens.  Don't think of it as spying or prying into your personal lives (the staff already does pretty well getting you all to give us gossip on each other), but a bit of unsound parenting to see you through your time abroad. 
This has to be gossip caught in action!

And if the situation is serious, Bill and Lee White (our Irish Lit lecturer) can perform wedding ceremonies.

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