30 April, 2012

Putting Our Photo Archives to Good Use

Inspiration comes from many places.  For this idea I have taken from the ICLC's recent 40th Anniversary Reception, Ithaca College's Photo A Day competition (have a look! ) and a recent request to see some classic group photos on the official Ithaca College London Center Facebook page.

Over the summer we'll be posting a mixed bag of old and new photos.  This way people can see the images that they remember and contrast them with the things that are currently happening around town. Follow us on Twitter (@ISeeElsie) or Like our Facebook page.

Here's a few to get the ball rolling:
Coffee Talk from 2006, plus some competition winners claiming their prize!
Anish Kapoor's observation tower in front of the Olympic stadium.  In some beautiful London weather.
Bill Sheasgreen and Fred Camden at the 40th Anniversary Reception.

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