04 April, 2012


Not many know it as the sport of kings, but Rounders may be just that.  For most it's that lazy game they play at picnics.  And we're using it as a way to raise money!

Without calling it the black sheep cousin of baseball, rounders has 5 posts (not bases) and you can run to them, even if you don't hit the ball (sometimes, but I'm not sure yet what those circumstances are).  It has a short bat, meant to be held with one hand (although Bill has a special dispensation to use 2 hands) and the ball is small as well.  You run around the field and try to score rounders or stop the other team from scoring rounders.

This year we are raising money through rounders in aid of the Youth Sport Trust.  And you can pledge in so many ways!
  • You can donate £1 as a player, spectator or general well wisher who will sadly be away for the weekend in Spain
  • You can pledge 50p for each rounder scored
  • You can donate 50p every time you accidentally make a baseball reference
  • Anyone who accidentally steps in horse manure in the park can donate £1
  • You can pledge £5 if a bird lands on Bill
  • You can pledge £10 if a bird poos on Bill (if that happens, there's at least £50 coming in!)
  • Bill's donating £5 for the most authentic Rounders costume and another £5 for the best fancy dress costume
  • Other pledging ideas?  All are welcome!
We're also selling these lovely badges supporting our Rounders game for 20p each!
Please support generously!


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